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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Welcome to my Personal Blog

Welcome to anyone who knows me, I'm director of development for AbilityNet, the UK charity focused on Access to Technology for people with a disability or limiting condition. I blog at for AbilityNet.

This is a more personal view of the world of assistive technology and accessibility as building blocks towards digital inclusion. I wanted to bring a more global view of the issues through my links into Europe, US, Middle East and beyond.

Recent activity has taken me to Qatar, Brussels, Istanbul and next week to Barcelona. I have an interest in the institutional as well as technological barriers to inclusion, so these activities have ranged from projects on socio- economic impact, to brain control of technologies, to support for emerging NGO's with a remit for access for all.

I hope to blog fairly frequently but you can also find me on Twitter at @davebanesaccess


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